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FMC Online 2021

Two, three and four week options July 5 - 31


Stay connected with FMC, or try FMC for the first time through online classes, lessons and other activities led by current and former FMC staff!

Click here to register for FMC Online

What can I sign up for?

Classes: 30 minute classes that meet at set times twice per week


Piano Lit! with Francis Yun (M/Th 2 p.m.)

Movie Music of John Williams with Francis Yun (M/Th 3 p.m.)

Global Citizenship with Erin Diffenderfer (M/Th 11 a.m.)

Basic Musicianship with Erin Diffenderfer (M/Th 10 a.m.)

Acting in Scenes and Plays with Avery Whitted (W 11 a.m.)

Jazz Improvisation with Martha Hyde (T/Th 1 p.m.) 

20th and 21st Century Classical Music with Michael Mikulka (W/F 1 p.m.) 

Learn more about each class here.

Lessons: 40 minute twice weekly lessons in 19 different instruments.  Lesson times are set by mutual agreement between camper families and teachers. 

Learn more about lesson teachers, what instruments they teach and lesson requirements here.

Activities and Events including games, discussions, collections and special events. 


FMC dorm staff (Carl Whitted, Avery Whitted, Eli King) will lead activity sessions every Wednesday at 7 p.m. 


Each Thursday at 4 p.m. cook a recipe along with Carl Whitted in "Cooking with Carl".  


Chuck Fager will join us one evening to read his Quaker ghost stories! 


On July 20, Martha Hyde will give a talk about raising butterflies from eggs to the moment they emerge from their chrysalis!

You can participate in as much or as little as you wish for 2, 3 or 4 weeks!

What is the cost?

You can sign up for as little or as much as you like, and you only pay for the classes and lessons you sign up for.  Activities and events outside of these are free of charge. 

Two weeks
   Lessons: 4 lessons w/same teacher $124
   Classes: each class $24

Three weeks
   Lessons: 6 lessons w/same teacher $186
   Classes - each class $36

Four weeks
   Lessons: 8 lessons (2/week) with 1 teacher OR 4 lessons (1/week) with 2 teachers $248
   Classes: each class $48

Other information

Things to consider when signing up for lessons and classes:

What device will you use for online access (phone, tablet, etc.)?  

Do you have access to a suitably fast internet connection, and how many others in your household will need to use it at the same time?  

All of our activities involve making sound!  Do you have a space in your home where you can participate without disturbing others, and where noise from others’ activities won’t disturb your lesson or class?

Most lessons and classes will use Zoom and have been designed to make use of Zoom's free access.  You will not need a paid account to participate.

Lesson teachers will set up times with camper families individually.  Once a lesson is scheduled, if a camper misses a lesson it will not be made up.  Any lessons missed by the teacher will be made up.

Class teachers will contact campers to set up the platform for their class and gather any class-specific information they need.

Campers may withdraw from lessons and/or classes anytime during the first week and receive a refund of their fees for those activities.

Click here to register for FMC Online

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