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FMC Online Class and Lesson Information


Basic Musicianship with Erin Diffenderfer

M/Th 10 am Eastern

Do you want to learn how to read music, or solidify your music-reading skills?  This is the class for you!

Global Citizenship with Erin Diffenderfer

M/Th 11 am Eastern

Make new friends and connect with old ones while exploring moral and ethical challenges in today's world with an expert guide.  If you've attended in-person camp, this is the online version of LC class!

Piano Lit! with Francis Yun

M/Th 2 pm Eastern

Learn about music written for keyboard instruments starting from the 17th century until the present day including works by female and BIPOC composers.

The Movie Music of John Williams with Francis Yun

M/Th 3 pm Eastern

Learn how John Williams uses music to help tell a story, from Star Wars to Harry Potter to ET to Jurassic Park. The class will also explore composers that influenced Williams, including Wagner and Korngold.

Acting in Plays and Scenes with Avery Whitted

W 11:00 am Eastern

This class will meet once per week for one hour.

In this class we’ll read through a couple of really good plays, look at a few memorable scenes from movies and TV and talk about what makes them work. There’s no need to do any research or homework, and we’ll all get to share in some stories together!

Jazz Improvisation with Martha Hyde

T/Th 1:00 pm Eastern


Learn the basics of improvising over the harmonic structure of basic song forms like the blues. Everyone will be working with recorded tracks that I send them. Students need to have played their instruments for at least a year and will need a second device to play a backing track while they are in class.

20th and 21st Century Classical Music with Michael Mikulka 

W/F 1:00 pm Eastern 


If you took this class last summer, you can sign up for it again.  We'll be discussing different pieces!

Learn about classical musical compositions from the past 100 years. We will listen to many different styles of music (including recent compositions that blend several different styles), and we will discuss what is unique and interesting about each composition and what the composer did to accomplish that effect.





Rory Papania - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele or electric bass

Students must be able to play/accompany themselves to a song at tempo.  Students should come to the first lesson with at least one song they know well, a song they’re working on, and at least 2 songs they’d like to learn 


Xavier Suarez

Students need access to an acoustic or electric 88 key (full size) piano for their lessons.  


Michael Mikulka - cornet, euphonium, French horn, trombone, trumpet, tuba


Martha Hyde - clarinet, flute, oboe, saxophone

Students will need a device to take screenshots of their music


Maria Bessmeltseva - violin, viola


Minnita Daniel-Cox


Read our teaching staff bios here.

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