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Fun and Community

"My favorite thing about FMC is that I can play my instrument but still be seen as a whole person with a unique identity."
-- Camper reflection

Creating a strong (and fun!) camper and staff community is an important part of the FMC experience.  By living together in dorms and participating in recreational activities and other all-camp events, we grow each year into a strong community group -- something that is treasured by everyone at FMC.


Campers have dedicated free time each day. Many choose to sit and talk with friends, read quietly, make crafts, or play guitar and sing (which often attracts quite a large group).  Others are more active, going for walks around campus, or playing ultimate frisbee, badminton, or soccer.


A staff of male and female counselors provides supervision in the dorm and organizes free time activities. The dorm lounges are popular hangout areas on rainy days.

Evening programs happen after dinner each night. Many evening programs are staff or camper recitals. Those that are not are often games like soccer or capture the flag, or are special speakers, often on peace and justice issues. We also have a few special nights like "stunt night" (a kind of funny talent show) and the camper-planned dance. 

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